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The San Mateo County Health Foundation in partnership with Dr. Grace Hassid launched a free webinar series called Frontline Update. In the series, Dr. Hassid answers your questions about how the coronavirus pandemic is evolving. Feel free to watch the videos below or sign up for our Foundation newsletter to receive the latest updates.


  1. What is the overall situation in San Mateo County and the Medical Center? (02:15)

  2. What does wearing a mask do and who does it help protect? (05:04)

  3. Which masks are the safest to wear during the pandemic? (11:30)

  4. What surfaces transmit COVID and what can we do to sanitize them? (17:12)

  5. What are the best practices during this time while living with other family members? (20:22)

  6. Are children at risk of catching COVID and is it safe for them to return to school? (25:06)

  7. How do we know if we have been infected with the virus? (28:56)

  8. Who should get tested, how often, and does it make a difference? (31:05)

  9. If you’re exposed, can you test to see if you have developed antibodies? (37:05)

  10. Are air purifiers helpful at all when dealing with this virus? (38:39)

  11. Do we need to wear masks when we’re running outside? (39:31)

  12. Is the rise we are seeing in cases active COVID or antibodies a person has had in the past? (41:42)

  13. What can employers do to create a safe work environment? (43:05)

  14. Are portable UV sanitizer wands effective? (45:29)

  15. Can you clarify the distinctions between infection rate, mortality rate, and morbidity rate? (46:12)

  16. What is the best way to coordinate a quarantine in a large household? (50:49)

  17. Does your air conditioner spread COVID? (52:19)

  18. Are vaccines on the way and will there be trials in the Bay Area? (53:37)

  19. How safe is airline travel during the pandemic? (57:10)

  20. How can we support San Mateo Medical Center during this time? (59:03)


You can help our efforts by making a donation on our Donate page. Thank you for your support and helping our mission to provide the best possible healthcare to all county citizens!

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