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Our community has supported the county's only public hospital and its patients with
$1.7 million in donations 


Food Boxes
Baby Starter Kits
School Backpacks

Medical Equipment
Accessibility Gear
Mental Health Support

A Letter From Our CEO

It’s been a year of ups and downs. The world seems to be in constant turmoil, financial markets have hit everyone hard, and we are nearing or into a recession. Yet when it seems that things are bleak, we hold close to the fact that there are still good people who care deeply. It is with great hope and struggle that I am writing to ask you to find a place for us in your giving plans this holiday season. Our year-end appeal has been our saving grace to add much needed funding to our programs here at the San Mateo County Health Foundation.

Mental health continues to be a primary focus locally and nationwide in healthcare and improvement settings. Dealing with the issues we all face can be difficult and hard to understand. Housing, food insecurity, access to education and quality healthcare are just some of the things that our 77,000 patients struggle with that greatly affect their mental health. Imagine having to choose between paying rent or buying groceries. Paying for gas or diapers. Our patients face this very real hardship every day. 

We need your help to assist the most vulnerable in our community. Our hard-working domestic workers, gardeners, servers, and those down on their luck in one of the most expensive counties to live in the entire country. Many would not be able to survive, let alone thrive, without the generosity of others to help them through the most difficult times – great people like you.

Please read our year-end appeal to see how you can help us achieve our goal of feeding families, providing the care they need, and keeping our community healthy and safe


On behalf of our staff, board members, and the people we serve, we want to thank you for supporting San Mateo County Health Foundation. Your kindness and generosity mean more to us than you know!

Warm Regards,

John Jurow, CEO

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