Building Safe Communities

Keller Center for Family Violence Intervention

The Keller Center for Family Violence Intervention is a unique, multi-disciplinary, nationally recognized clinic in the San Mateo Medical Center. It serves the needs of victims of child physical and sexual abuse and neglect, adult sexual abuse, domestic violence and elder abuse, providing a compassionate, culturally sensitive, family-oriented experience for the victims of abuse, minimizing trauma and maximizing outcomes.

The Keller Center currently treats over 500 victims of physical and sexual abuse per year and provides services to over 1200 community members in need. Victims come from every city in San Mateo County, with no geographic or socioeconomic barrier. 60% of the victims are children. Every year, since it’s inception in 2001, demand for services at the Keller Center continues to grow. The Keller Center was launched with funds from a generous Foundation donor, and it is one of the Foundation’s highest funding priorities. The Foundation Board is dedicated to raise funds for the Keller Center to meet the increasing demand for services and to ensure that no one ever need be turned away.  Support the Keller Center to ensure that all victims of sexual or physical abuse and domestic violence continue to have a safe and culturally competent place to be treated.