Infusion Center

The San Mateo County Health Foundation, a private 501(c) (3) nonprofit community benefit organization is forging solutions to the Healthcare Crisis in San Mateo County. Through our partnership with San Mateo Medical Center (SMMC), we have put a high priority on funding critical needs of SMMC such as expanding the Infusion Center.

San Mateo Medical Center’s Infusion Center is a place where patients receive intravenous infusions, therapeutic injections, and wound care in a safe, professional, and comfortable environment. The goal is to make patients comfortable while receiving caring, customized treatment.

San Mateo Medical Center is expanding the Infusion Center to accommodate the growing need for infusion therapy at the hospital. The newly expanded Infusion Center will offer accommodations and privacy for three to four additional patients and their family member(s) serving a total of 10 patients at a time.  In addition, the newly expanded Infusion Center will provide the medical staff the ability to closely monitor each patient from a centrally located monitoring station.

Infusion therapy is a type of therapy used when treating a specific condition with oral medication is not an option for a variety of reasons, ranging from swallowing disorders to the use of medications that would be destroyed in the stomach and must therefore be delivered directly. Medications, such as antibiotics, antivirals, and cancer drugs can be delivered through infusion therapy.

The Infusion team at San Mateo Medical Center includes a physician who writes a prescription and develops a schedule for infusions, and a Certified Oncology nurse who performs prescribed treatments and monitors the patients while treatment is ongoing.

San Mateo Medical Center, an integrated public hospital and clinic system, partners with patients to provide excellent care with compassion and respect, focusing on the underserved in our community. The vision of San Mateo Medical Center is to help everyone live the healthiest life possible.