Breast Health Care

Women’s Breast Health Care

Thanks to the generosity of San Mateo County Health Foundation donor Lilli Rey, San Mateo Medical Center has a state-of-the-art breast ultrasound machine.  However, in order to ensure access and optimal outcomes, more is needed.  Your support will ensure that all women in San Mateo County have access to breast health education, breast cancer screenings and high quality, culturally competent care!

The Need:

  • Breast cancer is the second leading cause of cancer deaths among women in the United States.  (Mayo Clinic)
  • One woman in eight will develop breast cancer in her lifetime. (National Cancer Institute)
  • When detected at an early stage, the five-year survival rate for breast cancer is 98%. (National Cancer Institute)
  • Death rates from breast cancer have been declining in the US since 1990. This is believed to be the result of earlier detection and improved treatment. (American Cancer Society)
  • In San Mateo County, new cases of breast cancer are expected to top 600 in 2012. (California Cancer Registry)
  • San Mateo Medical Center has identified 6,594 patients over 40 who have not had a breast screening or mammogram within the last two years.
  • San Mateo Medical Center is the only hospital in San Mateo County without digital mammography and in the 10% of all public hospitals in California not to have digital mammography.

The Solution:

San Mateo County Health Foundation is partnering with San Mateo Medical Center to provide access to the best-possible breast cancer information and diagnostic tools for the underserved residents in San Mateo County.  New achievements:

Digital Mammography

  • The machines will serve the 5,500 women currently receiving mammograms each year at San Mateo Medical Center
  • Implementation of digital mammography will reduce by half, the current 45-90 day waiting period for a screening mammogram
  • Use of digital mammography will enhance patient and provider experience, decrease call backs and allow 50% more women to be screened

State-of-the art Breast Ultrasound Machine


What Funds Are Needed and How Will They Be Used?

 Breast Health Outreach

The Susan G Komen Foundation contributed $130,000 and we still appreciate your support for the following services:

  • Outreach to ensure that ALL women inSan Mateo Medical Center’s system of care have access to clinical breast screenings and mammography
  • Bilingual health educators to connect patients with resources and support systems, facilitate medical interactions, streamline appointments, help patients identify and utilize appropriate social services, and track interventions and outcomes
  • Bilingual educational materials
  • Patient transportation vouchers
  • Support group leadership and materials