San Mateo County Health Foundation supports innovative programs that provide vital health care services 76,000 residents each year. From funding life- saving technology that increases efficiency and effectiveness of patient care  to improving access to quality healthcare for our most vulnerable populations, your support of the Foundation will have a significant impact on creating healthy communities in San Mateo County.Every gift to San Mateo County Health Foundation, no matter how small, will make a major difference in the lives of those with the greatest need.  Ninety eight percent of all donations are used directly for health care programs and initiatives at San Mateo Medical Center.

The Foundation is passionate about funding programs that improve the quality and cost effectiveness of medical care, expanding access to services and enhancing the well-being of our communities.

Our responsive funding approach focuses on the highest priority needs and reflects our commitment to making a measurable ad sustainable impact on the health of the residents of San Mateo County.