Our Donors

Supporting Your Community Hospital

Susan Ehrlich, MD SMMC CEO along with Christine Krolik and Dr. Grace Hassid

San Mateo County Health Foundation is honored to count over 5000 residents of our community as donors of our programs and initiatives that support San Mateo Medical Center. Our donors are generous individuals, foundations, corporations and civic organizations that have a keen understanding of the importance of high quality healthcare for all, regardless of their ability to pay for these services. They are inspired and motivated by the critical need for a world-class “safety net” hospital, one that started with humble beginnings more than a century ago.

At San Mateo Medical Center, health is more than the absence of disease.  The integrated system is an essential healthcare provider to the entire San Mateo County. San Mateo Medical Center is nationally recognized as a best practice outpatient care provider for individuals with chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease, and hypertension.  The dedicated, highly-trained staff and providers are leaders and innovators in healthcare delivery.

Over 120 years ago, a public facility called the “Poor Farm” was the first hospital to open doors in San Mateo County.  Over the years, the hospital has changed its name and location, but kept its original vision of providing a healthcare home for the underserved and underinsured residents of the community.
Today, San Mateo Medical Center’s mission to “open doors to excellence in healthcare” is carried out in a modern hospital and nine community clinics.  The Medical Center leverages their integrated system to provide quality care to each patient in the right setting.

San Mateo Medical Center is recognized as a leader in public healthcare and  with the support of the Foundation and in partnership with other well-respected organizations, they continually strive to improve the health of their patients and of our community.

The health systems and medical groups have made meaningful contributions by helping us expand pediatric services, create an integrated obstetrics network of care, and provide expanded access to healthcare for the uninsured and underinsured in our community.