Healthcare Heroes

San Mateo Medical Center staff and providers work hard every day to provide high quality, compassionate care. It’s their passion. In fact, some may call them heroes
— Healthcare Heroes.

One of the many ways staff express their care for their patients and the community is by supporting Healthcare Heroes, the employee run giving program at San Mateo Medical Center.

The Healthcare Heroes committee raises funds to purchase needed equipment, provide seed money for innovative programs, and support patient experience improvements at the hospital and clinics throughout San Mateo County.  2016 List of Funds Awarded:

  • Cardiology – Provided funding for 8 Ergonomic Chairs for Cardiology/Neurology Staff
  • Fair Oaks Health Center – Provided funding for medication pill boxes for patients to improve medication adherence and to minimize dosing errors
  • Innovative Care Clinic – Provided funding for AM/PM Pill Planners and Four – A – Day Pill Planners. Medication Adherence is an important factor linking clinical practice and patient outcome
  • Pain Management Clinic – Provided funding for equipment for two physical therapy group classes in the treatment of chronic pain
  • Psychiatry – Provided funding to Psychiatry Creative Arts and Recreation Therapy (CART) to improve and enhance overall therapeutic patient group programming for patients

  • Radiology – Provided funding to renovate the Ultrasound Patient Dressing/Changing Area
  • Radiology – Provided funding to improve storage space for departmental manuals/books
  • Radiology – Provided funding to X-Ray to purchase Lead Aprons and Thyroid Shields for nursing staff and physicians Emergency Department, Operating Room, Intensive Care Unit
  • Rehabilitation – Provided funding to replace existing lobby furniture with new furniture that will accommodate diverse postures, behaviors and levels of privacy

All donations to Healthcare Heroes go directly to fulfill needs at the medical center. There are no administrative costs because all the committee members are staff volunteers. Typically, funds are raised through a voluntary payroll deduction plan. Singular donations also are accepted in any amount.

For more information about Healthcare Heroes, and to make a donation, contact Leslie Williams-Hurt at 650-573-2670 or

Healthcare Heroes Donation Form

Healthcare Heroes Request for Funding Application Form