Our Mission


San Mateo County Health Foundation’s mission is to promote and champion the health and well being of all residents of our community, regardless of ability to pay, primarily through supporting excellence and innovation in the County’s hospital and clinic system.

Celebrating 25 Years of What We Do – Why We Do it – Who We Serve

San Mateo County Health Foundation is dedicated to building strong communities by partnering with and providing financial support for San Mateo Medical Center. In collaboration with other inspired and effective health-focused organizations in the county, we are committed to funding innovative, world-class health care programs for all residents of San Mateo County, regardless of their ability to pay for these services.

From prenatal to palliative care, the Foundation funds critical programs that serve the whole person for their entire lifespan. Our funding decisions are based on future impact rather than temporary relief, providing long-term health care for people in need in San Mateo County.

The demand for Foundation-supported programs is at an all-time high. Our Board, staff and community partners are driven by the hope and vision of a healthy future for all and we are inspired by the opportunity for transformational change in the health care industry.

The extraordinary generosity of our donor family has helped make San Mateo Medical Center a vital resource that has had a major impact on the entire community. We invite you to join us in making our vision a reality.