Frequently Asked Questions

We believe that everyone deserves to live in a healthy community, and along with that, we believe that healthcare is a right and not a privilege. Vibrant communities are made up of healthy people. Currently, there is a healthcare crisis in our Nation and in the County of San Mateo. San Mateo Medical Center currently has a list of thousands, waiting for a primary care appointment. We want to make sure when people get sick they have access to treatment. This will benefit all of us. When we invest in the health of San Mateo County, we are investing in your health.
We are currently focusing our efforts on women’s and children’s health, senior care, and critical needs of the San Mateo Medical Center (SMMC), such as innovation, access to healthcare, and medical equipment.
The Foundation receives public funding for operational costs only so that dollars you donate go directly to program and services.
The current environment has made the work for the Foundation more critical than ever! With growing unemployment and decreasing employee benefits in our county, demand for services provided by the San Mateo Medical Center are at all all-time high. While the demand continues to increase, resources continue to decrease. The Foundation is fortunate to have an engaged and generous community of donors, but as times get tough, we reach out to everyone for support. The Foundation is seeking solutions to the current healthcare crisis in our county, and we rely on our communities and on people like you to join us.
The Foundation makes funding decisions based on careful consideration of future impact, rather than on temporary relief. You should support us if you care about the health of your community. San Mateo Medical Center treats people who work locally, without the benefit of private health insurance. You should support us if you care about your own health. SMMC is on the forefront of providing information on and treatment for diseases (such as H1N1), which may affect you or your children. You should support us if you care about providing women, children and the elderly a safe place to live, work and learn. You should support us if you believe as we do, that healthy communities are vibrant communities, and that’s the place you’d like to live.
You may donate by check, credit card or gift of stock. You may donate online through our PayPal account . You may also donate by mail, by sending a check to San Mateo County Health Foundation, 222 West 39th Ave, 3rd Floor, San Mateo, CA 94403. You may also call us at 650 573-2292 or email to to discuss ways to donate or to make a donation via phone or email.

You may make a meaningful gift to honor someone for a birthday or anniversary or to remember a family member or friend who has passed away. The Foundation accepts a wide variety of planned gifts from our generous donors. A planned gift is simply a gift from a donor who has provided for the Foundation through various forms of estate planning. Please visit the Planned Giving area of our website for additional information, or call our Executive Director at 650 573-2292.