About Us

San Mateo County Health Foundation is Dedicated to Building Strong Communities.

Twenty five years ago, dedicated community members gathered together to support public health services in San Mateo County.  With seed money from a generous private donation, SMCHF was created to invest in programs and innovations designed to improve the lives and health of the residents of San Mateo County.  The Foundation provides indispensable support for vital, often unique, health care services and programs which, in turn, have propelled San Mateo Medical Center into national recognition for its work, both in the private and public healthcare world.

In partnership with San Mateo Medical Center, a public health provider, SMCHF supports programs that increase access, innovation, efficiency, safety, and patient experience, with the goal that no community resident is turned away based on his or her ability to pay.

The Foundation represents a long tradition in San Mateo County of community members stepping forward to preserve and maintain access to vital human services for all residents.  By supporting technological improvements and innovative health programs, Foundation donors recognize that their support is critical to preserving the richness and cultural diversity of San Mateo County.  By supporting broad public access to efficient, excellent quality health care, we strengthen the health of our entire community.   By investing in our community’s health, we strengthen our future.